1. Dining / Nightlife
  2. There are several dining options at Portillo. All packages include four meals daily, - breakfast, lunch, dinner – served in the Main Dining Room and/or Cafeteria. Disco and parties are also available in Portillo. Bring your friends and meet new ones in the Hotel bar and listen to bands play live music.

    • Main Dining Room
    • Tio Bob’s
    • Cafeteria
    • Hotel Bar
    • La Posada
  3. Activities
  4. Portillo is one of the most famous and oldest centers in South America that is renowned for its extraordinary beauty and its world-class skiing and snowboarding. Even in today’s modern generation, Portillo proudly remains unique, private and grand. Portillo is almost an independent town in the mountains yet it has all the services that a tourist needs during their stay. Today, with more than 50 years of history, Portillo has the same snow quality and beautiful surroundings that charmed the first visitors of the zone, with a permanent renovation of its entertainments and services.

    • Sol de Portillo Race
    • Heli Skiing
    • Heli Skiing
    • Intermediate Skiing and Snowboarding
    • Advance Skiing and Snowboarding
    • Fitness Facitilies
    • Cinema / TV Room
    • Torchlight Parade
  5. Shopping
  6. Shopping in the center of Santiago, one will find that its busy pedestrian zones offer numerous opportunities to purchase various items at stores and street vendors. Santiago’s districts and the regional capitals have large malls just like any American shopping mall that has been built.

    • Los Dominicos
    • Parque Arauco Mall
    • Lavinoteca and El Mundo del Vino
    • Mercado Central
    • Plaza Norte Mall
    • Alto Las Condes Mall
    • Feria de Antiguedades Parque de Los Reyes