Sun Peaks, BC Ski School

Ski School

Adult / Youth Programs
  • Beginner Lessons (Ski and Snowboard)
    • This ski and snowboard instruction package that offers a 2-hour session in groups allows you to learn the basics of skiing and snowboarding. The featured full day session is highly recommended for the first time skiers.
  • Group Lessons
    • Daily Group Lesson
      • This program is specifically designed for the beginners and level 2 skiers and snowboarders. If you want to develop your full potential then have the multiple day lessons.
    • Super Group Lesson
      • This is a 2-hour session for level 3 to level 5 skiers and snowboarders. The instructions are given by trained professionals on a 3:1 student to teacher ratio. Groupings will be based on individual's ability level.
    • Ladies Day
      • This lesson is exclusively offered to the ladies on all ability levels who want to learn the art of skiing and snowboarding from top female instructors. The 2-hour instruction is usually followed by a lunch at the Mantles Restaurant.
    • Snow Biking Program
      • The Snow Biking Program is a 2-hour session that will teach you the necessary skills in learning the curves. After the session, you can already spend an exciting day exploring the resort.
  • Private Lessons
    • The adult / youth private lessons in skiing and snowboarding can be perfect means in achieving your desired skill level. Upon reservations, you can also request for your favorite Sports School instructor.
      • Private Ski Lessons with Nancy Greene
        • This can be your chance of a lifetime in skiing with the Olympic Gold Medalist Nancy Greene. She will offer an hour of private lessons with the resort's guests. All skiing abilities are accepted.
      • Private Lessons for Disabled Skiers
        • The specially trained instructors will assist skiers with disabilities for a fun experience at the snow.
  • Nordic Lessons
    • This program offers a cross-country lesson for all ability levels and ages. The package includes the classic as well as the skate ski instructions. Individuals will experience a total body work out with Nordic Skiing being considered as the top calorie-burner exercise.
Kids Programs
  • This is a ski and snowboard lesson offered to kids with ages 3-12 years.
    • Sun Tots - ski sessions for children with ages 3-5 years
    • Sun Kids - ski program for children with ages 6-12 years
    • Snowboarding - minimum age requirement is 8 years old
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