What is RSS?

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RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication, is a feed that pulls information about our new hot deals and blog posts and delivers them to your computer. These feeds do your work of checking for new posts, which means you will have more time to enjoy other things in life. Also, by subscribing to these feeds, you will not miss out on any new hot deals or any of our blog posts.

RSS Icon

This orange/white symbol signifies an RSS feed.

In technical terms, an RSS feed is a format that delivers changing contents of a websites directly to your computer. Travel website and online retailers offer these RSS feeds to keep their customers updated about the latest products and services. You benefit by RSS feeds as you don't have to check our website for the latest updates.

Tours de Sport two RSS feeds to our site visitors:

  1. Tours de Sport Blog Feed: You can easily see new post to our blog when it's updated.
  2. Hot Deals Feed: New hot deals can be delivered to your desktop.

You can simply click on the RSS icon to subscribe to the feed.

There are three ways to read RSS feeds:

  1. Web Based Readers:
  2. Browser Readers:
    • Internet Explorer 7+, Mozilla Firefox and Safari now come with built-in feed readers. There are two ways to subscribe through browser reader:
      1. Go to the Hot Deals Feed or Tours de Sport Blog Feed and click on subscribe at very top (Firefox and Internet Explorer 7+).
      2. When browsing www.toursdesport.com, an RSS symbol appears on the far right of address bar. Click on the symbol to subscribe.
  3. Feed Reading Programs: