Portillo, Chile Ski School

Ski School

Ski and Snowboard School
  • Alpine and Telemark Skiing
    • The ski school offers the training program for alpine and telemark skiing. Sessions will be handled by certified ski and snow professionals.
  • Snowboarding
    • The school's snowboarding program offers the exciting sessions at the resort's finest slopes, terrains, and parks.
Adaptive Training
  • The school also offers the special ski lessons for the skiers and snowboarders with special needs. Each individual will be guided by highly trained instructors who have attended the clinics for adaptive skiing and snowboarding with specialists from the U.S.
Kids Camp
  • The Kids Camp is offered to children skiers aged 4 to 6 years old. The program is all about snow skiing introduction until the kids will gain confidence and can already ski in their own. Lessons are given by certified instructors in a group setting.
Ski Camps and Clinics
  • North American Ski Training Center
    • NASTC is an advanced ski school that offers All Conditions/Terrain courses for all ages and ability levels. The skiers will be grouped according to age and skill level with a maximum of 6 members per team.
  • Ski with the Superstar
    • This program is usually held annually wherein skiers will have the chance to ski with renowned free skiers. All ages and ability levels are allowed participate.
  • Clendenin Ski Method Portillo
    • This program will allow you master the mountain's deeps, steeps, bumps, dumps, and the hard stuff under the supervision of John Clendenin – 2-time world freestyle champion.
  • Portillo Big Mountain Telemark Camp
    • The Big Mountain Telemark Camp will focus on developing safety, discipline, determination, awareness, techniques, and visualization among the skiers.
  • Kim Reichhelm's Ski Adventures
    • This special program offers the guided skiing and adult free skiing adventure in a group setting. The well trained guides will give the skiers personalized pointers and tips to further enhance their skills.
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