Grand Targhee Ski School

Ski School

Adult Ski School
  • Group Lessons
    • This program was designed for the skiers and snowboarders who want to further enhance their present skills. The professional instructors will guide each individual in doing the off-trails, in the groomers link carved turns, with the bumps, and even the basics of Telemark skiing. The group lesson is 2 hours long.
  • Early Tracks
    • This is a program offered to the intermediate skiers and snowboarders. The world-class instruction provided by highly skilled professional coaches will take each individual on the challenging and legendary fresh powder tracks. The Early Tracks lesson is 1.5 hours long.
  • Private Lessons
    • This program offers a one-on-one attention with the professional instructors in skiing and snowboarding. The instructions can be modified depending on the pace and ability of each individual. You can also request for your favorite instructor and bring along a friend. Advanced reservations are required to ensure the availability of each lesson.
  • -Start Me Up' Beginner Package
    • This is the best way to learn the art of skiing and snowboarding. The beginner package includes a group lesson with members having the same skill and ability level.
  • -Tune It Up' Intermediate Package
    • If you want to take your skiing or snowboarding skills to the next level then this -Tune It Up' package suits you. This is a group lesson with members having the same skill and ability level.
Kid's Ski and Snowboard Programs
  • Winter Explorers (Evening Program)
    • The Winter Explorers Evening is a program offered to kids on a pre-arranged basis only. The minimum number of participants must at least be 3 children to start the session. Reservation is a must.
  • Little Deers & Beginner Little Deers
    • This program is for the first time skiers and beginners who want to learn more skills in the snow. The instruction features playing and learning method in order to keep the children more interested in the sports. Little Deers is for kids with ages 4-5 and the Beginner Little Deers is for kids with ages 4-6 with no experience.
  • Powder Scouts
    • The Powder Scouts program is offered to children with ages 6 to 14 for skiing and 7 to 14 for snowboarding. This is a group lesson where adults don't hang out with the kids except for the professional instructors. The instruction will let the kids explore the resort's most famous runs that include the Bird Brains, Bat Cave, Wacky Weasel Way, and many more.
  • Private Instruction
    • This program is an individualized instruction for skiing and snowboarding for any age, skill, and ability level. The lessons will be according to the pace and flexibility of each child in learning the sport.
      • Full Day Lesson - 6 hours with a maximum of 4 students
      • Half Day Lesson - 3 hours with a maximum of 4 students
      • 1.5 hour Lesson - for children with ages 7 and up and a maximum of 2 students
      • 1 hour Lesson - for children with ages 6 and under
Adaptive Ski Program
  • This program was created to provide ski and snowboarding opportunities to individuals with disability. The session features the special and modernized teaching methods using the state-of-the-art equipments as well as the one-on-one instruction with highly qualified coaches. The lesson usually starts with an indoor activity to asses the student. A ski buddy must accompany the individual with disability all throughout the session.
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