Fernie, BC Ski School

Ski School

Kids Club (weekend club program)
  • Wees Club (ages 4-6)
    • This program offers the introduction to skiing that involves fun and animation. The qualified coaches will guide each child in a blended controlled ski and guided discovery.
  • Ski Club (ages 6-12)
    • This ski club offers a multi-week program that combines technical ski learning with activities and games.
  • Extreme Club (ages 6-12)
    • The Extreme Club is offered to skiers who are already confident about skiing on the blue and some black runs. The goal of the program is to create an individual or team of confident all-mountain skier.
  • Freeride Team (ages 10-17)
    • This program is recommended for the advanced skiers where new freeski moves and techniques will be included in the instruction. The skiers will also be introduced to skiing's safety aspects as well as avalanche awareness.
  • Girls' Freeride Team (ages 10-17)
    • This is a freeride program exclusively offered to girls.
  • Big Mountain Snowboarders (ages 6-16)
    • This program is open to snowboarders who want to take advantage of the great hill at Fernie's. The professional guides will help each snowboarder progress on the basic skills.
  • Fernie Freestyle Snowboarders (ages 10-17)
    • The snowboarders will have the guided training on riding the gullies as well as the bumps. The coaches will also provide the big mountain riding, rail progression, and tricks.
Kids Lessons
  • TELUS Learn to Ski or Snowboard
    • This is a program that is offered to the first time skiers and snowboarders. The instruction will include the introduction to the basics of skiing or snowboarding in a group setting. A maximum of 10 participants per instructor is observed.
  • Kids' Adventure Camp
    • This is a 3-day program offered to skiers and snowboarders on all ability levels. The instruction will include a video session and the apr s ski video review.
  • Kids' Discover 3 Day Adventure Camp Package
    • This strictly offered to the first time skiers and snowboarders only.
  • Group Lessons (also offered to adults program)
    • The group lesson is a fun learning activity wherein skiers or snowboarders of all skill and ability levels are trained with their corresponding group level.
  • Private Lessons (also offered to adults program)
    • Private lessons are offered to individuals who are willing to learn the art of skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and telemark skiing. Each lesson requires 10 people per session.
  • Family Privates
    • Family ski lessons are also offered. The trained professionals will guide each family on a skiing, snowboarding, or cross country skiing session. Up to 2 adults with 3 kids per instructor is required.
Adult Lessons (ages 13 and up)
  • TELUS Learn to Ski or Snowboard
    • This program offers the ski or snowboard basics to the first time skiers and snowboarders only. The group must have a maximum of 10 members per instructor.
  • Lower Mountain Package
    • This program is offered to skiers or snowboarders with 2 and 3 ability levels. A maximum of 10 class members is necessary in order to have quality instructions.
  • Adult Ski Week 3-Day Program
    • This is a 3-day program intended for the skiers and snowboarders on all ability levels. Video sessions are also provided.
  • First Tracks Private
    • This is a daily program that offers the advanced vertical styles. The private group usually has a maximum of 3 members.
  • Steep and Deep Camps
    • This is a 2-day adventure with local coaches venturing on the resort's bottomless powder as well as steep terrains. A minimum of 5/6 level for skiing and level 5 for snowboarding is required. A maximum of 6 members per group is required.
Adult Multi-Week Program
  • CSIA Level 1 Instructors Course
    • Whether you want to become an instructor or just improve on your skiing skills, this program will suit you. The Certified Canadian Course Conductors will take you to a step by step ski instruction.
  • You Go Girl!
    • This program offers the advanced skills and techniques for girl skiers and snowboarders.
  • Breakfast Club
    • This program offers the serious mileage for level 5 and 6 skiers and snowboarders.
  • Early Girls
    • This is a weekend session for good lady skiers who want to improve on their skills particularly with speed.
  • All Mountain Experience
    • This is a weekend ski program offered to skiers and snowboarders with ability level of 4 and up. Sessions will be about skill development and confidence building.
  • Summit Club
    • This program is for the serious skiers who want to have some fine tuning on their acquired skills and improve on their speed.
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