Big White, BC Ski School

Ski School

Kids Center Program
  • Ski Cubs Ski Program
    • The Ski Cubs program offers the modified skiing instruction suitable for children with ages 4-6. The session will be offered in a fun setting environment with the highly qualified instructors. There will be five ability levels in this program with smaller class ratios.
      • Day Program – 2 hour morning and afternoon session
      • Half Day Program – 2 hour session in the morning or in the afternoon
  • Snowriders Ski and Boarding Program
    • This skiing and snowboarding program is offered to children with ages 7-12 years. The professional instructors will guide the children with the various ski and snowboarding activities like exploring the variety of runs that are provided in the instruction.
      • Full Day Session – morning and afternoon session
      • Half Day Session – morning or afternoon session
  • Private and Semi-Private Coaching
    • The resort offers variety of private ski and snowboarding lessons depending on the child's capacity and interest. The kind and caring instructors at the Kids Centre will provide all the necessary training for your child's development. Advanced reservations and bookings are recommended as lessons are subject to availability.
  • TELUS Park Flight School
    • This program is highly intended for the confident riders and skiers with a minimum average skill level and ages 13-17 years. This is a 5-day program where kids will be guided by trained professionals in learning the advanced techniques on the pipes or rails. Each day will have the 4 hours coaching session. Reservations are highly recommended.
Ski and Board Programs
  • Discover Programs
    • The Big White Ski Resort offers the best ski and snowboard instructions with the highly trained professionals. Each individual will be introduced to the resort's world class terrains while having a fun and interactive ski and snowboard session.
      • Discover Full Day – a 4-hour group lesson
      • Discover Half Day – a 2-hour group session offered to first time skiers and snowboarders only
  • Group Lessons
    • Girl's Freestyle Coaching
      • This program is offered to girls with ages 13 and up who want to improve their skiing or snowboarding skills in TELUS Park. The female coaches will guide a minimum of 3 skiers or 3 snowboarders.
    • Ski and Ride Experience
      • This is a 2-hour program offered daily at the Big White Resort. The sessions will cater all the ski and snowboarding levels from beginners to expert.
    • Ladies' Day
      • This program is a 2-hour session of skiing or snowboarding intended for the ladies. If preferred, a 2-hour add on session in the afternoon is also offered.
    • 50 Plus Program
      • This 50 Plus Program is offered to above 50 years old men and women who are still interested in skiing. The session will be handled by the most experienced pros of the ski school.
  • Private Coaching
    • The Private Coaching program offers a one-on-one ski or snowboarding lesson with a professional and highly qualified coach. The instructions will include a modified lesson depending on the individual's pace and ability level.
  • Free Ride Club (for skiers and riders 7-17 years old)
    • This is a weekend course that offers 10 consecutive weeks of free riding lessons. Classes will be conducted in groups and skiers will be grouped according to skill levels.
  • Free Ride Team (for experienced free riders)
    • The Free Ride Team is a performance training handled by top caliber instructors. The training focuses on the terrain park features as well as to traveling for competitions.
  • Teen Freestyle Coaching
    • This is a program for skiers and riders with ages 13 to 17 years. It is a 2-hour skiing or riding coaching at the park and pipe. This course is recommended for the competent riders only. The program also requires a minimum of 3 skiers or 3 snowboarders.
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