Alta, Utah Ski School

Ski School

Children's Classes
  • Ski Adventures
    • This program is for children with ages 4 to 12 years old belonging to the beginners and intermediate skill levels. Beginners group will focus on gliding, stops, and turns while the intermediate group will have classes on the green and blue terrains until they are confident enough to try the advanced terrains.
      • All Day Adventure – 4 hours skiing for kids 4-12 years of age.
      • Half Day Adventure – 2 hours skiing for kids 4-12 years of age.
      • All Day Mini Adventure – 2 hours skiing for kids 4-6 years old.
  • Mountain Explorers
    • This package has a minimum age requirement of at least 7 years of age. The lessons were skillfully prepared to provide the necessary advanced skills in skiing.
      • All-Day Explorers – 5 hours of skiing for children 7 years to early teens
      • Afternoon Explorers – 2.5 hours of skiing for children 7 years to early teens
  • Private Adventures
    • The lessons in this program are costumed tailor to suit every child's ability. This is required for all children under 4 years old. This is also available for all ages and all skill levels.
Adult Classes
  • Beginner
    • The beginner course involves the basic skill like glides, turns, stops, and lift rides. This is a 2-hour class with a maximum of seven skiers per group.
  • Intermediate
    • The course introduces the blue slopes and developing parallel turning skills. You will be guided to the bit steeper terrains.
  • Intermediate-Advanced Workshops
    • In this course, you will be introduced the more open terrain with smaller bumps, shorter powder runs, and the off-trail skiing.
  • Advanced-Expert
    • This program will lead you to the tricky traverses, long powder runs, and the bigger bumps in Alta's wide open terrains.
Telemark Workshops
  • Introductory
    • This introductory course to telemark skiing is offered to the experienced alpine skiers. You will get started with the basic moves on the green and blue slopes.
  • Intermediate
    • This course is offered to the experienced telemark skiers. Instructions will be about developing techniques for the more challenging terrains with varied snow conditions.
Team Alta Youth Programs
  • Junior Explorers
    • This is a recreational skiing program offered to children ages 5, 6 and 7. The kids must already be confident in controlling speed especially with wedge turns on the Green Trails. Its aim is to develop high quality movements in skiing like parallel turning, balancing movements, and relaxed gliding.
  • Alta Youth Club
    • This recreational skiing program is for the youth with ages 7 to 16. Minimum skill level required is that one must at least be confident in skiing parallel turns with the pole plant on Blue Trails. The team of 8 members will be given lessons on powder skiing, skill drills, mogul skiing, jumping, and racing on the more difficult terrains.
  • Alta Race Team
    • This is an introductory program in racing for children skiers with ages 8-12. The team will be introduced to the personal development associated with alpine ski racing.
  • Alta Youth Telemark
    • This program is for the strong alpine skiers with ages 10-16. Skiers must already be consistent in taking parallel turns as well as skiing in the black terrain. Prior experience in telemark skiing is not necessary.
  • Alta Freeride Division
    • This program is already an expert-level skier lesson for teens with ages 10-16. This program offers the comprehensive exposure of skiers to the big mountain free skiing.
Women's Clinics
  • Alta Blue Angels
    • This is a two-day program that is designed for the intermediate women skiers. The instructions will teach you how to be confident on your ski ability as well as add more flow and gliding to your skiing.
  • Goddess Off Trail Funshop
    • This program is a two-day session with coaching and guiding in skiing at the off-trails.
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