Mt Ste Anne, Quebec Ski School

Ski School

Program: Daycare
Age Range: 6 months and older

Description: Our proximity to the slopes will build an early love for snowsports even in kids who aren't yet ready to start sliding. We offer full service daycare and nursery right from the early age of 6 months. That means you can enjoy your day on the slopes without any worries. Our staff of experience daycare professionals will be busy making sure your kids also enjoy their day at Mont-Sainte-Anne.

Program: Kidz Clinic
Age Range: 4 - 14 years

Description: These group sessions are for kids and teens from 4 to 14 years old. Groups are age and skill level appropriate.

Program: Adventure Week
Age Range: 4 - 14 years

Description: This four-day camp for kids from 4 through 14 years old is divided into age and ability level appropriate groups. Campers spend all day with their group and will discover the mountain and their own abilities with the guidance of one of our certified and highly trained ski pros. This new addition to our family of kids experiences ushers back many old favorites such as the fun-race, video, a party and a written record of each campers progress.
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Map of Mt Ste Anne, Quebec