Kicking Horse, BC Ski School

Ski School

The Learning Centre Adult Learning Clinics
  • Private Skiing and Snowboarding Clinics
    • The private skiing session offers the one-on-one training with a certified instructor with the modified instructions. The lesson will depend on the skier's or snowboarder's pace and ability level.
  • Private Family Clinics
    • Learn the art of skiing or snowboarding with the whole family. The highly qualified instructors will guide each member in his or her own term. All ability levels are accepted. A full day session is 6 hours and the half day session is 3 hours.
  • Adult Learning Weeks
    • This program is a 3-day or 5-day ski and ride program for adults. The sessions will allow each individual to improve in terms of skill level, increase mileage, and make new friends along the course.
  • Adult Learning Clinics
    • This program requires a minimum novice skill level. The instructors will provide training on how to improve your skiing and riding techniques at the resort's best terrains. A full day and half day session is offered.
  • Freeheel Trails Telemark Ski Lessons
    • This program is offered to all existing free-heelers who want to refine their moves and techniques in telemark skiing. The professional telemarkers will guide you in the entire session.
  • Discover and Next Step
    • These clinics are offered to brand new skiers and snowboarders in a small group setting. The progress will be guided by the certified instructor.
Kicking Horse Kids Zone
  • Kids Private Clinics (ages 3-12 years)
    • The best way to start your kid's love for ski is to have the right start. A private ski or snowboard session with a qualified instructor can help each child develop an interest in learning the said the sport. All skill and ability levels are accepted.
  • Ski / Ride Care (ages 3-5 years)
    • This program was designed for the newest little skiers. Each session involves an on-snow lesson and an indoor play facility. Snacks are also served. New to intermediate skill levels are required.
  • Adventure Club (ages 6-12 years)
    • This is a full day or half day ski session with the best instructors around. The kids will have a great time learning the slopes while evolving in their skiing skills. Single week and an adventure week are available.
  • Wild Riders (ages 13-16 years)
    • This is a teens' program wherein they will have the freedom to explore the mountains along with their friends. The professional instructors will also ensure that the team will have a great group dynamics. Groups will be according to age and skill level.
Seasonal Programs
  • Kids and Youth Seasonal Programs
    • Little Pioneers (ages 3-5 years)
      • Little Pioneers (ages 3-5 years)
        • This is a 6 or 12-week long course that offers ski opportunities as well as meeting new friends along the way. Every after each course, the child will receive a progression report.
      • Rock'n Horse Club (ages 5-11 years)
        • Exciting mountain breakthroughs will be offered to all kid skiers or snowboarders in this program. Children of all abilities are encouraged to join this fun adventure of discovering the snow.
      • Freeride Connection (ages 8-16 years)
        • This program is intended for the intermediate to expert skiers and snowboarders. The competitive and tactical instructions will be given by highly qualified professional instructors.
  • Adult Seasonal Programs
    • The Powder Room
      • This is a 10-week long program on skiing or snowboarding exclusively offered to the ladies. The morning session will be all about powder, steeps, trees, moguls, and chutes. The minimum ability level is from intermediate to advance.
  • Executive Board Meetings
    • This is a 10-week long program on skiing and snowboarding exclusively offered to men. The session will have the crank turns as well as riding with the top guns. The minimum ability level is from intermediate to expert.
  • Avalanche Skills Training
    • This is a program where the outdoor enthusiasts are given courses on avalanche hazard recognition. This 2-day session also includes the companion rescue, recognition and avoidance, and how to use the support tool Avaluator. Reservations are highly recommended.
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