Copper Mountain, CO Ski School

Ski School

Private Lessons
  • This program is designed for the ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The expert instructors will offer the one-on-one lesson for individuals who want to learn the sport the quickest means possible. You can opt for the full-day (6 hours) or the half-day (3 hours) session.
Group Lessons
  • Adult Group Lessons
    • The adult group session can be grouped according to ability levels. Experienced and beginners will get the same attention from the instructors for a great blast learning experience. Full day or half-day lessons are offered.
  • Youth Lessons (ages 3-5)
    • This program offers the customized instructions with the individualized attention that the youngest skiers demand. This age-appropriate group lesson includes various outdoor and indoor activities.
  • Youth Lessons (ages 6-15)
    • This program lets the kids as well as the early teens explore the coolest trails in the resort. Lessons include the real-time GPS tracking for safety.
Adult Seasonal Programs
  • Bump Buster Camps
    • The Bump Buster program was created in order to help skiers in mastering the mogul techniques that include the basics of zipper-line all the way through the bumps. A 2-day camp is also offered for the intermediate and expert skiers only.
  • Women's Wednesdays
    • This program was designed to teach women skiers on how to improve their skills with the aid of an encouraging environment.
Youth Seasonal Programs
  • Trailblazers (3-5 years old)
    • This is the best ski introduction that your kids can get while on vacation. The lesson involves a half-day session with an expert instructor guiding the kids in getting the most out of the snowy hills. The instruction will greatly emphasize on mountain awareness, safety, skill development, and the best snow experience.
  • Scooters (5-13 years old)
    • This Scooters camp is all about the introduction of ski or snowboarding for your youngsters. The instruction will include mountain awareness, movement techniques, and balance that will aid your child's progress as a skier or as a snowboarder.
  • Choppers (8-18)
    • The Choppers program will help your child unlock their full potential as a skier or as a snowboarder with the high caliber coaching professionals. The instruction will guide the skiers and snowboarders in conquering their fears in the advanced and difficult terrains.
  • Copper Posse (10-18)
    • This program is only recommended for the intermediate and advanced skiers or snowboarders who want to explore the tree runs as well as shred the powders in the advanced slopes. Professional coaching involves how to hammer the steeps, attack the bumps, and land on your first 360.
Competition and Training Programs
  • Club Racing and Custom Race Camps
    • This program can be a great way of bonding with the whole group in the challenging Public Race Arena. Group races will be arranged according to ages, levels, as well as skiing ability.
  • Alpine Snowboard Program
    • The Copper Alpine Snowboard Program will help you take your riding and carving techniques to the next level through racing and gate training.
  • Masters Skiing Program
    • If you are serious enough about getting into the professional race tracks, then this skiing program suits you best.
  • Village Race Series
    • The Village Race Series will provide a weekly race with some of the country's best racers against the novices who are just learning the ropes. This race is considered as the longest running league in the Summit County.
  • Public Race Arena and Nastar
    • This will give you the chance to compare yourself with the U.S. Ski Team as well as with other racers in the country. This program is an exciting racing program with a handicapping system.
  • Copper Boardercross Training Program
    • This program is all about speed and the big mountain. The lesson will teach the snowboarders how to absorb and hit jumps at speed as well as to adapt to varying terrain and utilize transitions.
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