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  1. Dining / Nightlife
  2. Everyone deserves a treat after an adventure-packed day at Copper Mountain’s vast snowy outdoors. Guests can share a meal or two at some of Colorado’s finest dining establishments. Whether dining out with the entire family, friends, or special someone, these award-winning restaurants will surely provide you with an amazing dining experience that is worth remembering.

    • Alpinista Mountain Bistro
    • Tucker’s Tavern
    • Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
    • Double Diamond Restaurant
    • Endo’s Adrenaline Cafe
    • Camp Hale Coffee
    • Creekside Pizza & Deli
    • Salsa Mountain Cantina
  3. Activities
  4. Copper Mountain is like a snow globe – a whole ball of fun and snow that enthralls the hearts of locals and tourists alike. And the snow lasts all year round too! Whether the sun’s heat penetrates through the clear skies in the summers or the clouds serve as snow factories during winter, it surely doesn’t lose its charm with the tons of activities it has to offer.

    • Redfeather Snowshoe Tour
    • Woodward At Copper Barn
    • Woodward At Copper Cage
    • Copper Mountain Stables
    • Coca-Cola Tubing Hill
    • Team Summit
    • Copper Cade
    • Copper Mountain Racquet and Athletic Club
  5. Shopping
  6. Take a day off the snowy mountains and explore the array of shops and boutiques around Copper Mountain. From quality ski and snowboarding apparels to unique souvenir gift items, name it you’ll get almost anything under one roof.

    • Gravitee
    • Peak Sports
    • Shirt Off My Back
    • Mountain Adventure Center
    • Kokomo
    • Woodward at Copper Cage
    • Surefoot
    • Rame Jewelry
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