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Adult Private Lessons
  • Private Lessons
    • If you want a fast run result with your skiing or snowboarding skills then the private instruction suits you. This program is offered to all individuals whether a beginner or an expert skier or snowboarder who wants to explore further the new techniques and tricks in the snow. From the beginning turns all the way to hitting the deeps and steeps as well as jibbing in the park and pipes, name it, they will teach it depending on your pace and ability.
  • Diamond Sessions
    • This lesson provides an ultimate private instruction whether in skiing or snowboarding. There will be specially trained pros who will guide you along the way of the program in order for you to perform better and faster on the snow. Reservation is highly recommended.
  • Buttermilk Deluxe
    • This program provides a not so crowded terrain for the beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Each individual will be given a direct access to the green runs, learner-friendly bumps and steeps, black diamond runs, and the gladed trails.
Adult Group Lessons
  • Beginner's Magic
    • This program is offered to beginner-level skiers and snowboarders. The instructions given by professional coaches will promote each individual's peak performance, confidence, as well as the mountain awareness. Special beginner equipments will be used as you access more of the mountain.
  • Skiing and Snowboarding for Levels 5-9
    • This course is offered to skiers and snowboarders who are already beyond the Beginner's Magic level. In this instruction, you will be guided by a professional instructor in polishing your turns as well as in mastering the steeps, deeps, and bumps. Skiing is offered daily at the four mountains while snowboarding is offered daily at the Snowmass and Buttermilk mountains.
  • Telemark Group Lessons
    • This program involves an exploration into the roots of skiing as the group will be led in learning the original styles. You will surely enjoy the range of motion as you, together with the group, will slide all the way down the slopes.
  • Women's Edge
    • This is a skiing program offered to women skiers with levels 4-9. The certified professionals will guide you in a 4-day women-specific instruction that will help you build more confidence when skiing down the slopes and advance your acquired skills. Reservation is highly recommended.
Teens Ski & Snowboard Programs
  • Teens Private Lessons
    • This program is intended for teens with ages 13-17 who wants to learn skiing, snowboarding, or the Park & Pipe of all skill levels. Each teen will get an undivided attention during sessions with instructions modified according to pace and flexibility.
  • Group Lessons
    • Teens' First Turns (Level 1)
      • This is a fun day adventure for teens with an exclusive instruction in skiing and snowboarding. Helmets are recommended for the participants as well as the advanced booking or reservation.
    • Teens' Group Lessons (Levels 2 & Up)
      • This is a skiing and snowboarding program recommended for teens with ages 13-17 and is already confident enough to ski or snowboard and learn the next level. The groups will be divided according to skill level. The minimum level required at the Highlands Mountain is 5.
    • Snowmass Steep Camps (Levels 8 & Up)
      • Teens with ages 12-19 can join the advanced or expert skiers in this freeskiing camp. This course was designed to guide kids in taking the challenge of the toughest black & double-black diamond. This is a 4-day session for the small groups.
Kids Ski & Snowboard Programs
  • Kids Private Lessons
    • This is a program offered to kids with ages 5-12 who are willing to learn the art of skiing and snowboarding or park & pipe. This is the best way to introduce the kids to the various challenges of the snow. The professional instructors will provide the necessary training needed for further enhance the skills of each child.
  • Group Lessons
    • Grizzlies (ages 5-6)
      • This is an exclusive skiing session for kids at Snowmass and Buttermilk. The kids will be exposed to the various slopes suited to their skill level. Reservations are strongly recommended in order to ensure the availability of the lessons.
    • Grizzlies On Boards (ages 5-6)
      • This is an exclusive snowboarding session for the adventurous kids. The instruction uses the latest teaching techniques in snowboarding with an average of 3 students per instructor which are highly trained coaches.
    • Grizzlies at Highlands (ages 5-6 with levels 5 & up)
      • This is an exclusive snowboarding session for the adventurous kids. The instruction uses the latest teaching techniques in snowboarding with an average of 3 students per instructor which are highly trained coaches.
Preschool Ski Program
  • Private Lessons
    • The preschool private ski lessons are offered to kids with ages 2-4. This instruction will ensure each child a valuable one-on-one learning experience in a fun and safe environment. Reservations and prepayments are required.
  • Group Lessons
    • Cubs On Skis (ages 2.5 -3.5)
      • This is a ski program recommended to little skiers in all levels. The preschool-specific professionals will guide the children in their own and private area that is complete with Magic Carpets. The kids will also have various hands-on activities at the adventure house.
    • Big Burn Bears (ages 3-4 and must be potty trained)
      • The preschoolers enrolled in this session will ski under the guidance of qualified and specially trained professionals. They will have their own obstacle courses at their own beginner area, Magic Carpets, and an immediate access to the mountain. They will also have a themed indoor activity area in the center with a puppet theater to keep the kids interested in the lessons.
    • Powder Pandas (ages 3-4 and must be potty trained)
      • This program will enjoy their private area near the base of Buttermilk. The advanced pandas will have the chance to ride the skitch towed by the snowmobile all the way to the lesson area. Reservations and prepayments are required.
Challenge Aspen
  • This is a special program in skiing and snowboarding for people with disabilities. Participants will be using the adaptive equipments guided by PSIA-adaptive certified instructors.
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