1. Dining / Nightlife
  2. Have a taste of Vermont in The Mad River Valley. Discover distinct culinary delights in eclectic cuisines, relaxed settings and charming service. Celebrate your Sugarbush vacation in one of the vibrant pubs and enjoy live performances. All these are offered in a simply beautiful destination called Vermont.

    • The Common Man
    • The Warren House
    • John Egan's Pub & Grill
    • Easy Street Cafe & Market
    • Three Mountain Cafe
    • Chez Henri Restaurant
    • American Flatbread Restaurant
    • Jay's Restaurant
    • Purple Moon Pub
    • Timbers Restaurant
  3. Activities
  4. Spending the winter season with friends is a great way to have some fun. And if the family comes along, there are tons of activities that are suitable for children. There are skiing and snowboarding lessons that are appropriate for those young starters. And even adults are having fun with that. Another exciting activity to try is ice fishing. Catch a fish for dinner or for sport, this is one way of having fun while having a full stomach.

    • Shelburne Farms
    • Ben & Jerry's
    • Sugarbush Vermont Ski Resort
    • Ole's Cross Country Ski Center
    • A Central Vermont Outfitters
    • Bassin in the Kingdom
    • Bronzeback Guide Service
    • Ice Fishing
    • Ice Skating
  5. Shopping
  6. There are numerous activities that one could do when staying in a small resort village. The main attraction might be skiing and snowboarding. But there are other things to consider. An example is getting a good massage after a day of outdoor activities. This is a relaxing experience that everybody would enjoy. And when visiting Sugarbush, make sure that you take home something to remember from your trip. It may be a simple photograph or a souvenir bought from one of the local shops.

    • The Warren Store
    • University Mall
    • Burlington Town Center
    • Essex Shoppes & Cinema
    • Maple Tree Place
    • Church Street Marketplace
    • The Collection
    • The Store
    • Artisans’ Gallery
    • Alta Day Spa
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